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I had no idea you are a delena shipper, i mean.. i shipped them back on the first seasons a little tiny bit, when she was human but now? i do think they both have changed for the worst, may I ask why do you ship them? are you current with the eps? dont mean to be rude just curious.
- Anonymous

Well anon, yes, I am a delena shipper, but I am not current with the episodes (I did watch some of this season but I don’t remember how many), so I don’t know what made you change your mind about them (but I’m still shipping them)

As to, why do I ship them? Well… I can’t explain why I ship something in just a few words, much less when it’s been years and years of seasons. I just do :)

PD. I assume by the tone of your question that we’re kind of acquaintances? If only here on tumblr? I just wanted to say, don’t hide under anonymity! I don’t mind being questioned these kind of things, provided that they’re asked with respect (as you have).

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what do I think of - veronica mars

[All my “what do I think of”]

  • Do I currently watch this show?

I wish! :)

  • General Opinion

I loo-ooo-ooove it. I’m a marshmallow

  • Favorite Characters

Veronica, Logan, Keith, Wallace, Mac, Dick (he’s dumb but he’s so funny).

  • Do I hate something/somebody

I hated Duncan for a while, but you know, after the way he left, I can’t hate him too much. And no I don’t hate Piz, I just don’t like Piz/Veronica.

  • Current OTP(s)

Logan/Veronica (IS THERE ANOTHER ONE??!?! No, there isn’t shush), Wallace/Jackie.

  • Previous OTP(s)


  • BrOTP(s)/family/friends/etc

Veronica/Keith, Veronica/Wallace/Mac, Weevil/Logan.

Updated: 04/2014