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↳ “I’ve hired Badboy before and he’s always protected his identity.”
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Nick Dunne, you’re probably the most hated man in America right now. Did you kill your wife? Gone Girl (David Fincher, 2014)

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Favourite new characters of 2013 » Kieren Walker

I am a Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer. And what I did in my untreated state was not my fault.

“[Kieren] is not gay, but he’s not straight. He’s more in love with the person than the gender. (…) In the Flesh is really story of identity. How do you fit in when you’re completely different and people are labelling you? The Goverment has labelled him a PDS sufferer; the HVF have labelled him as rotter and his family don’t know what he is. He goes through hell.” — Dominic Mitchell [x]
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Lagertha | Vikings 2.09 “The Choice”


Lagertha | Vikings 2.09 “The Choice”

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The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

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what do I think of - assassin’s creed

[All my “what do I think of”]

I still play the video games.

The first AC was one of the main reasons I wanted a PS3 so much. It was a dream come true, everything I had imagine video games could be some day. Also, it had horses!!

EZIO, Altäir, Connor, Edward, Leonardo…

Maybe that they’re stretching the saga too much and sometimes it’s obvious they’re making them for the money, but I honestly don’t care. I’ve loved every game they’ve done, so why would I complain?

Ezio/Leonardo, Edward/Mary

Auditore family, Connor/Achilles, and many more. 


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